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Account Referral

Optimize the growth of your gaming community with the AccountReferral addon for uMMORPG Remastered. Take advantage of an ingenious referral system that incentivizes players to promote your game while reaping rewards in return.

Key Features:

  • Referral Friends Made Easy: Easily integrate AccountReferral into your game to allow players to refer their friends hassle-free.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Motivate your players to actively promote the game by offering rewards to both the sponsor and the referral.
  • Currencies to Earn: Encourage participation by offering in-game currencies, incentivizing players to expand the fame of your virtual universe.

How it works :
  • Effortless Integration: Add AccountReferral directly into your uMMORPG game for a seamless, integrated referral system.
  • Multiple Rewards: Offer attractive rewards to encourage sharing and active promotion of the game by the community.
  • SEO Statistics: Track and analyze sponsorship performance to adjust your marketing strategy.

Why Choose AccountReferral:
  • Community Growth: Use the power of sponsorship to quickly expand your uMMORPG's player base.
  • Automated Promotion: Let players promote your game while being rewarded, creating a virtuous cycle.
  • Customizable for Your Game: Adjust rewards and incentives to align the AccountReferral module with your game vision.

Integrate AccountReferral into your uMMORPG now and turn your players into enthusiastic ambassadors, propelling your game to new heights of popularity!

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