Addon Account Unlockables

Account Unlockables

Allows players to use an item to unlock a variety of things, e.g. new skin, new classes, shop, items, skills, and whatever else you want, the only limitation is that it be checked by addon (Usage Requirements)

Unlockable items affect all characters on the account and are permanently saved.

An interesting use will be to sell items on your store for real money to unlock items, skills or other.

Tutoriel for installation


[Required] Create a new Account Unlockale item:

clich right an find this path.

add a name in this new item

clich right an find this path.

[Required] Set a Name for Account Unlockables under the Interactable Requirements section.

for the example we will use the teleporter, to be able to use the teleporter

clich right an find this path.

[Required] Add a Account Unlockable Item to your resources folder and give it the same name.

[Optional] Award this item to a player to allow them to use it and unlock the ability to use the locked content.


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Video Tutoriel

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