Addon Attributes


Adds new, configureable Attributes to uMMORPG: Accuracy, Resistance, Critical Factor, Block Factor, Drain Health Factor, Reflect Damage Factor, Defense Break Factor, Critical Evasion...

Tutoriel for installation

1) in canvas

  • 1.1) add in canvas UI_CharacterInfo
  • 1.2) select a shortcut, add a ButtonCharacterInfo search, replace the old character info panel with a new panel in UI_CharacterInfo

2) in network manager

  • 2.1) add a new NetworkManagerMMOAttributes component and select networkmanager
  • 2.2) in the NetworkManagerMMO component, search for NetworkManagerMMOAttributes and select NetworkManagerMMOAttributes

2) in the players' predabs

  • 3.1) add a new PlayerAttributes component and select the player, select all necessary components (player, health, etc.)
  • 3.2) add new attribute type and configure starting attribute points etc.
  • 3.3) select the component player and search for the player attributes and assigned the


    1. I advise you to create your own scriptables and not to use those present in the addons
    1. I also advise you to create your own prefabs, this will avoid any subsequent overwriting


  • copying a file to Unity is very simple, just press Ctrl+d


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Video Tutoriel

  1. Video Tutoriel

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