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Spawner addon for uMMORPG offers different types of spawners, you can customize the gaming experience on your server in creative ways, creating challenges for players, populating your world with specific entities, and adding elements of surprise through spawn options. random appearance. The `Spawner` addon therefore offers a wide range of tools for game server administrators.

1. AreaFixedSpawner: This type of spawner allows you to spawn any network entity at a specific location when the server starts. This means you can place specific features in predefined locations on your map when the server launches.

2. AreaMobSpawner: The AreaMobSpawner is a powerful tool for spawning monsters or other entities. It offers several customization options, including the ability to make these entities appear at random locations from a given point. You can also set spawn conditions, such as spawn probability, and adjust the level of spawned entities. This flexibility allows you to create varied gaming scenarios.

3. AreaStartSpawner: With the AreaStartSpawner, you can spawn any network entity as soon as the server starts. You can also set a spawn probability to control how often these entities appear at the start of the game.

4. AreaWaveSpawner: This type of spawner is ideal for creating waves of enemies in your game. You can set conditions for triggering waves, such as the number of players present or levels reached. Additionally, you can reward players if they manage to overcome all waves. This adds a strategic dimension to the gameplay, as waves can be stopped if conditions are no longer met.

Tutoriel for installation

1) in project

  • 1.1) import "2D Only Spawner" or "3D Only spawner" in addon
  • 1.2) (optional) create your copy prefab

1) add in scene :

  • 1.1) add prefab in scene, click on it and parametrize it

Advice :

    1. I advise you to create your own scriptables and not to use those present in the addons
    1. I also advise you to create your own prefabs, this will avoid any subsequent overwriting


  • copying a file on Unity is very simple, just press Ctrl+d


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Video Tutoriel

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