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Addons Letter A

uMMORPG remastered Account Unlockables
Account Unlockables

Allows players to unlock a variety of things for the whole account, not just one character

Download : AccountUnlockables.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-09
uMMORPG remastered Aggro Overlay
Aggro Overlay

This Aggro overlay indicator allows monsters to display an icon over their head when switching to a new player target, it disappears after a delay give

Download : AggroOverlay.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-12-03
uMMORPG remastered Animation Tags
Animation Tags

By default all Animations in uMMORPG are played using the skills name. This requires you to create a unique animation parameter and animation per skill in your game and you cannot have multiple ski...

Download : AnimationTags.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-09
uMMORPG remastered Attahe

Allows you to attach game objects to Entities, those game objects can spawn and unspawn together with their “parent”. They can also spawn and unspawn according to certain rules

Download : Attache.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-09
uMMORPG remastered Auto Register Spawnables
Auto Register Spawnables

Will automatically add all your Entities to the spawnables list of the Network Manager.

Download : AutoRegisterSpawnables.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-26
uMMORPG remastered Auto Respawn
Auto Respawn

this little addon makes it possible not to have to player dead which remains there for hours dead for no reason, simple but effective.

Download : AutoRespawn.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-20

Addons Letter B

uMMORPG remastered Better Tab Target
Better Tab Target

Improves the target system and allows you to change targets by pressing tab with a chosen radius, it also allows you to remove the indicator from the ground once there is no longer a target

Download : BetterTabTarget.2021.3.13-38.2
Update : 2022-12-03
uMMORPG remastered Bindpoint

create spawn points on your Map where players can register automatically or on demand, coupled with another addon it can also have pre-requisites (race, level, and a lot of other things)

Download : Bindpoint.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Bundle 2d
Bundle 2d

The bundle includes a large majority of addons already installed and preconfigured. it saves you precious time to start creating your game.

Download : Bundle2D.2021.3.13-12.1
Update : 2022-12-05

Addons Letter C

uMMORPG remastered Command Chat Console
Command Chat Console

Gives the possibility of executing server commands with the game chat if you have the necessary rights

Download : CommandChatConsole.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Complete Items
Complete Items

this addon contains more than one additional possible item type 20 to expand ummorpg possibilities

Download : CompleteItems.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-24
uMMORPG remastered Complete Skills
Complete Skills

this addon contains more than one additional possible item type 27 to expand ummorpg possibilities

Download : CompleteSkills.2020.3.37-37.3
Update : 2022-08-05
uMMORPG remastered Conditional Skills
Conditional Skills

add the possibility to the monster, pet, nj to launch skills according to certain conditions, this is very useful for a diversified gameplay

Download : ConditionalSkills.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-08-17
uMMORPG remastered Crafting Extended
Crafting Extended

A replacement for the default crafting system. Allows learning recipes, accessing craftstations, variable ingredient amount, variable result items and more.

Download : CraftingExtended.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Cursed Equipment
Cursed Equipment

Allows any kind of equipment item – once equipped – to be un-equipable by normal means. Requires to visit a NPC Healer in order to remove cursed items for a fee again.

Download : CursedEquipment.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-08-25

Addons Letter D

uMMORPG remastered Daily Rewards
Daily Rewards

DailyRewards adds a popular feature to your game: Reward your players when logging into your game on a daily basis. Keep your players interested and coming back for more!

Download : DailyRewards.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-13
uMMORPG remastered Database Cleaner
Database Cleaner

Automatically clean the database when the server starts up

Download : DatabaseCleaner.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Destroy On Server
Destroy On Server

This script will increase your game servers performance. As several objects (especially Name Overlays) are not required server-side, it is a good idea to destroy them.

Download : DestroyOnServer.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24
uMMORPG remastered Display Overlay
Display Overlay

allows to deactivate the display of the pseudo guild and title in game on the local player

Download : DisplayOverlay.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-13
uMMORPG remastered Drop Chances
Drop Chances

Allows you to add extra drop chances to monsters that can have conditions. Allows you to make a simple “skinning skill” (only drop leather when the player has the skill) and scaleable loot.

Download : DropChanceExtended.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-09
uMMORPG remastered Dropdown Menu
Dropdown Menu

Adds dropdown menus to you player, party, and target user interfaces. To provide the same functionality most mmos utilize instead of having a bunch of buttons around a user interface you would righ...

Download : DropDownMenu.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-12-03

Addons Letter E

uMMORPG remastered Equipable Bag
Equipable Bag

allow your players to expand their inventory by adding a bag

Download : EquipableBag.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-24
uMMORPG remastered Equipable Buff
Equipable Buff

add buffs to weapons or armor

Download : EquipableBuff.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-24
uMMORPG remastered Exploration

Exploration allows you to add areas to your scenes that can be explored by your players. This gives your players something to do satisfy their exploratory urge and provide a way of gaining experien...

Download : Exploration.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-24
uMMORPG remastered Extended Quests
Extended Quests

This complex AddOn is a full replacement for the default Quest system. You will have to replace all of your quests, as you can only use the new quest system and not both

Download : ExtendedQuests.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-09-07

Addons Letter F

uMMORPG remastered Factions

The Faction System allows you to add faction rankings to Npcs, Monsters, Players and Quests. Every players faction ratings can increase and decrease while playing, by attacking monsters...

Download : Factions.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-08-24
uMMORPG remastered Force Disconnect
Force Disconnect

This little addon allows you to disconnect ghost users and therefore allow them to reconnect without having to restart the server or disconnect them manually. This can happen when a client crashes, or a disconnect doesn't work very well.

Download : ForceDisconnect.2021.3.13-38.2
Update : 2022-12-04
uMMORPG remastered Friendship

A friendship system: Allows to add and remove friends. Invite friends to parties and/or guilds. Combine with Honor Shop to “hug” friends once every X hours. Hugging grants you a small bonus in form...

Download : Friendship.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24

Addons Letter G

uMMORPG remastered Garbage Collector
Garbage Collector

Speeds up Unity’s internal Garbage Collection by triggering it whenever the last player logged out from the server. It only happens when there are no players online, because the Garbage Collection ...

Download : GarbageCollector.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Global Chat
Global Chat

This AddOn will modify the default chat and add a global channel to it. Posting on that channel does come with certain limitations like a cooldown time, a (optional) required item, a minimum level ...

Download : GlobalChat.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24
uMMORPG remastered Guild Upgrades
Guild Upgrades

Allows the guild master or vice to upgrade the guild. Upgrading a guild increases member capacity and can reward the upgrading player with an item.

Download : GuildUpgrades.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-02
uMMORPG remastered Guild Warehouse
Guild Warehouse

It adds a “Guild based warehouse” to the game. You must be in a Guild to access and only your guild members can deposit and withdraw items and gold to the warehouse. This allows players to share it...

Download : GuildWarehouse.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24

Addons Letter H

uMMORPG remastered Harvesting

This AddOn will add both a Profession as well a Harvesting system to your game. You can now place ResourceNodes in your scene that your players can harvest in order to gain valueable items...

Download : Harvesting.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-12-03
uMMORPG remastered Hazard Floor
Hazard Floor

A special area on the floor that applies a buff to the player who enters its. You can set a buff to be negative as well (like -1 Health Regeneration) and create all kinds of interesting effects.

Download : HazardFloor.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Honor Shop
Honor Shop

A new type of shop that can be added to Npcs. It is based on the Item Mall and allows filterable categories with varying prices. Instead of gold or coins, this shop uses new, customizable currencie...

Download : HonorShop.2020.3.30-37.3
Update : 2022-07-11

Addons Letter I

uMMORPG remastered Inventory Order
Inventory Order

this very small addon allows you to reorganize the inventory in one click

Download : InventoryOrder.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24
uMMORPG remastered Invisible Hint
Invisible Hint

Adds a client side trigger to your scene that shows a popup window with some predefined text content. Useful to give your players additional information in certain areas.

Download : InvisibleHint.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Item Click Removal
Item Click Removal

ATTENTION : This addon is deprecated

Download : ItemClickRemoval.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Item Drop
Item Drop

Players and Monsters now drop their items on death for others to pick-up.

Download : ItemDrop.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-23
uMMORPG remastered Item-rarity

Item rarity adds flavor effects to your in-game items by bring a outline to your items based on the quality level you set. It currently has the types: Poor, Common , Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legen...

Download : ItemRarity.2020.3.30-37.4
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Itembar

this addon allows you to add an itembar similar to the skillbar, with the possibility of adding only items for example potions or scrolls

Download : Itembar.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-19

Addons Letter J

uMMORPG remastered Jewel

In this video I show you the creation of a very simple addon to create your additional locations, on your player this one and particularly useful to add the cape, ring, amulet, earring or any other...

Download : Jewel.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24
uMMORPG remastered Jukebox

Add an any amount of background music to your game. You can also specify where and when the music shall play.

Download : Jukebox.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07

Addons Letter L

uMMORPG remastered Leaderboard

Rankings allow you to have a ranking system in your game. The current system is ranked according to the player's level and it will indicate his rank, portrait, level and more. we will add functiona...

Download : Leaderboard.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Level Up Notice
Level Up Notice

Will show a notification when the player levels up. Includes customizable message, icon and sound effect (as defined in Tools AddOn).

Download : LevelUpNotice.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Level Up Reward
Level Up Reward

this addon allows you to give the player gold items, Titles (if PlayerTitle is installed) and honor currency (if HonorShop is installed) for leveling them up. this addon gives good user feedback in general.

Download : LevelUpReward.2021.3.16-38.1
Update : 2023-01-17
uMMORPG remastered Limited Zones
Limited Zones

This AddOn allows you to create areas within your scene that can only be entered by a limited amount of players, a limited amount of parties, a limited amount of guilds, a limited amount of realms ...

Download : LimitedZones.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Location

this addon allows you to display the location of the player on the game interface (the X, Y, Z positions) this allows for example a player to give this position to another player easily

Download : Location.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Logout Timer
Logout Timer

This addon allows you to automatically disconnect players who are not playing, this allows you to save bass tape and RAM / CPU resources for example

Download : LogoutTimer.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24
uMMORPG remastered Loot All
Loot All

Adds the ability to loot all items from a corpse by clicking a button.

Download : LootAll.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-24
uMMORPG remastered Loot Rules
Loot Rules

Allows you to set monsters to improve the looting situation. Right now everyone can loot. When using this AddOn, only a specific group of players can loot.

Download : LootRules.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-23
uMMORPG remastered Lootcrate

This AddOn allows you to create fully functional chests that can even respawn and have locks. In addition you can setup a lot of requirements for unlocking and/or accessing the lootcrate via items,...

Download : Lootcrate.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Lottery

Allows you to put various objects into your scene that can be interacted with, simply by clicking on them. The interaction can have various requirements and also costs. When a player interacts with...

Download : Lottery.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11

Addons Letter M

uMMORPG remastered Mesh Switcher
Mesh Switcher

Allows you to turn meshes on a player on/off by using items (ideally equipment). Also allows for dynamic exchange of Materials on meshes.

Download : MeshSwitcher.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Mobile Control
Mobile Control

allows you to play on mobile with a joystick and buttons, it allows you to move, jump, run automatically and place skills on the skill bar

Download : MobileControl.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Mobile Register
Mobile Register

this addon allows you to use the google signin in your mobile game, but also a guest user system based on the phone's unique id

Download : MobileRegister.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-20

Addons Letter N

uMMORPG remastered Name Generator
Name Generator

Add a small button on your interface to offer your players to generate a name for their character

Download : NameGenerator.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-20
uMMORPG remastered Network Lobby
Network Lobby

This addon is certainly one of the most important for ummorpg, it allows you to have several scenes, several servers, and several instances per server!

Download : NetworkLobby.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Network Spawner
Network Spawner

Network Spawner and a very simple spawner, it allows your prefabs in a very simple, very light but efficient way.

Download : NetworkSpawner.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered Networked Switch
Networked Switch

Allows any player within range to activate a switch per click. This switch will toggle activations/deactivations of a linked game object. The original plan was to use this as a “light switch” and a...

Download : NetworkedSwitch.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Npc Healer
Npc Healer

This little addon allows your NPCs to be able to heal you, remove the positive and / or negative buffs and set a fixed price or price depending on the number of health points to be healed

Download : NpcHealer.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-24
uMMORPG remastered Npc Interact Audio
Npc Interact Audio

This addon allows for simple audio interaction with NPCs and allows you to say a random sound if you give more than one.

Download : NpcInteractAudio.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered Npc Restrictions
Npc Restrictions

A simple AddOn that allows you to set various restrictions to NPCs. Only players who fulfill all requirements can interact with the Npc Exemple

Download : NpcRestrictions.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered Npc Shop
Npc Shop

The Npc Trading window now looks like the Item mall. Allows category filters for items. Selling also changed: You can simply switch buy/sell mode and the window content/action updates accordingly. ...

Download : NpcShop.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-12-03

Addons Letter P

uMMORPG remastered Patreon Manager
Patreon Manager

allows you to give advantages to players who have subscribed to a patreon, for example being able to use teleporters only accessible to members with a subscription

Download : PatreonManager.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered Paypal

This complex AddOn will add PayPal as payment gateway to your game. This allows you to charge your players for in game purchases with real currency. Purchases are customizable and contain coins, go...

Download : Paypal.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered Player Titles
Player Titles

add title for player

Download : PlayerTitles.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-31
uMMORPG remastered Player Warehouse
Player Warehouse

It adds a character based “Warehouse” to the game. This allows players to store items and gold outside of the regular inventory

Download : PlayerWarehouse.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Prestige Classes
Prestige Classes

Adds a optional extra class to each player prefab that can be acquired by using a special item. Using the item adds a “prestige class” to the player, subsequent item uses can change the class to an...

Download : PrestigeClasses.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered PVP Zone And Realms
PVP Zone And Realms

Add various PVP types to your game and limit the regions where PVP combat can take place!

Download : PvpZoneAndRealms.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-12-03

Addons Letter R

uMMORPG remastered Remember Me
Remember Me

This addon allows you to add a toggle to the login screen to allow players to save their account name. It will then load that account name on launch to save always typing in their account name.

Download : RememberMe.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Reports System
Reports System

Add a reporting system to your game, this will allow your players to report bugs, players or other

Download : ReportsSystem.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-23

Addons Letter S

uMMORPG remastered Sanctuary

This addon allows you to add one or more Sanctuaries to your scenes. A Sanctuary is a area that allows your players to recover while being offline (like a Inn, Camp or Restplace).

Download : Sanctuary.2020.3.30-37.2
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Server List
Server List

Allows you to change server list on login interface from external API (php, mysql example is provided in addon)

Download : ServerList.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Skill Exp On Level Up
Skill Exp On Level Up

Will add a fixed amount of skillExperience every time the player gains a level. can completely replace the basic skill experience gain system.

Download : SkillExpOnLevelUp.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-09-07
uMMORPG remastered Speech Bubbles
Speech Bubbles

This AddOn will display Speech Bubbles for regular local chat in uMMORPG. Only works with regular, local chat commands (not whisper etc.).

Download : SpeechBubbles.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-07-27
uMMORPG remastered Starting Scene
Starting Scene

this addon is used to load your game without the screen being frozen when starting the game

Download : StartingScene.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Stats Overlay
Stats Overlay

Adds an overlay above the entity that contains statistical information showing a health bar.

Download : StatsOverlay.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-09-07

Addons Letter T

uMMORPG remastered Target

An improvement of the UI target which adds the level, a coloring according to the difference of level, and possibility of adding an icon if the mob and a boss / elite, also displays the target of o...

Download : Target.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-11-23
uMMORPG remastered Teleporter

A greatly improved version of the teleporter with lots of customization options. It uses a collider to represent the teleporter, so you can place it anywhere in your scene.

Download : Teleporter.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-20
uMMORPG remastered Terms And Conditions
Terms And Conditions

Sow Terms and condition defore login

Download : TermsAndConditions.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-19
uMMORPG remastered Timegate

This Timegate allows you to add teleporters with opening times to your game. These teleporters act as entrances to dungeons, shops, festival areas or special terrains that are only accessible durin...

Download : Timegate.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Tombstone

Leaves a tombstone when an entity dies, at its place of death for a specified period of time.

Download : Tombstone.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Tools

This AddOn is required by many other AddOns because it contains several shared functions and user interface elements. And MANY MORE

Download : _Tools.2021.3.13-38.2
Update : 2022-12-04
uMMORPG remastered Travel Routes
Travel Routes

This AddOn will add a discoverable teleporter network to your game. Using the Travelroutes you can create a travel system like the Gryphon network found in World of Warcraft.

Download : TravelRoutes.2021.3.13-38.1
Update : 2022-12-04

Addons Letter U

uMMORPG remastered UI Utils
UI Utils

ATTENTION : This addon is deprecated

Download : UIUtils.2019.4.28-34.1
Update : 2022-07-11
uMMORPG remastered Unlockable Classes
Unlockable Classes

Limits the available classes at character creation. Adds items to the game that unlock additional classes. When the item is used, the new class is unlocked for the whole account

Download : UnlockableClasses.2020.3.37-37.1
Update : 2022-08-20
uMMORPG remastered Usage Requirements
Usage Requirements

Adds limits on using/equipping/casting items/skills. Very helpful to limit item usage to certain classes or under special conditions. It also allows to limit usage of items/skills to special areas ...

Download : UsageRequierements.2020.3.30-37.1
Update : 2022-07-11

Addons Letter W

uMMORPG remastered Weight System
Weight System

This weight system adds a weight to every item in the game. Players are able to carry a maximum weight according to one Attribute. You can then specify a “burdened” buff that kicks in, when the pla...

Download : WeightSystem.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-07-28
uMMORPG remastered World Boss Message
World Boss Message

Show a message to all logged-in players if a World Boss dies, and display the person's name. a very simple addon but which gives a bit of notoriety to the players who give the last blow to the boss :)

Download : WorldBossMessage.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-08-16
uMMORPG remastered World Events
World Events

Allows the creation of community quests that can permanently change the gameworld.

Download : WorldEvents.2020.3.37-37.2
Update : 2022-09-02